Falconry Courses

Our falconry courses run over five or ten days. Courses can be tailored for students wishing to fully embrace the true art of falconry. We also provide refresher courses for falconers who want to bring themselves up to date with the latest in falconry.

5-day course

An introduction into the world of falconry and birds of prey. Structured to interest and encourage those wishing to become involved in the world of birds of prey.

The course criteria briefly consists of:

  1. The birds and the laws relating to birds of prey
  2. Food, nutrition, health and disease
  3. Tools and equipment
  4. Housing and the new arrival
  5. General management and husbandry
  6. Manning and early training
  7. Imping and coping
  8. Bathing, feeding and casting
  9. Flying free
  10. The lost bird
  11. Field etiquette

10-day course

A much more in-depth coverage of all aspects of the 5-day course, plus the following additional detailed sessions:

  1. Practical field work and flying birds
  2. Lure swinging for falcons
  3. Flying falcons to the lure
  4. Free flying falcons

Any falconer wishing to improve their skills and further their knowledge should contact us for more information about our advanced courses.

All courses conclude with an extensive examination. This includes written and practical sections. Success means you will be awarded the Lantra Awards certificate to take home and display. There is also the opportunity to enrol on an extended two-year apprenticeship scheme. Please note that we encourage enrolment but this is totally voluntary.

All at J.R.C.S. Falconry are ready and available to help and advise the new falconer, whether enrolled on the apprenticeship scheme or not.